miércoles, mayo 17, 2006

Lluvia de Emails

Abri hace unos dias este blog de apoyo l

Los de escolar.net son unos cracks, hoy han comprado la direccion www.viviendadigna.es Que tios.

Capital social... es tan interesante.

Me cuesta mucho hacerlo pero voy a poner un comentario en ingles, es de Platon, y estaba hablando del mito de la Atlantida. Tiene que ser un mito, no?

“They were not excessively poor nor were they constrained by stress of poverty to quarrel with one another and, on the other hand, since they were without gold and silver, they could never have become rich. Now a community which has no communion with either poverty or riches is generally the one in which the noblest characters will be formed. For there is no place for the growth of insolence and injustice, or rivalries and jealousies. So these men were good, both for these reasons and because of the simple-mindedness as it is called” 679BC Laws. Plato in the Timaios-Critias dialogue

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